ECHOSHOUT is devoted to developing products that work with the Amazon Echo.

Presently we are developing the following applications for production.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can develop similar products for your company, contact us.

Amazon Echo Megaphone © (In production)

The Amazon Echo Megaphone for Salesforce is designed to extend your campaigns to the Amazon Echo ecosystem. Your users subscribe through the Amazon echo application and with a simple command Alexa will read them your company's news brief for that day, week or year.

Learn the “Listening rates” of your followers while ensuring they get the news you need them to hear before they start their day. Whether it be a company newsletter for employees; financial news for investors or potential investors; reminders of new product lines; or any mass message you wish to reach and audience, the Echo Megaphone is an ideal addition to any company looking to amplify the reach of any promotional effort.

The Watchman © (In production)

The Amazon Echo Watchman is designed to provide you with peace of mind.  With the simple farewell “Goodbye Alexa” the Amazon Echo Watchman will begin monitoring sounds in your home.  In the event you receive notification that a noise has been received by Amaon Echo’s listening capability you will be notified immediately by an alert to your mobile phone.

Listen live to what is happening in your home while you are out.  Record all noises while you are away and play them back for closer observation.  Speak directly though the Amazon Echo to project your voice into your home while you are away.

We want to save the world

Have an idea for an Amazon Echo Application that can support a Nonprofit? Tell us about it.
Together we can make a difference. If we select your application for development we will contact you directly to get the specifics.

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